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instinct past residencies

Januar 2017
Queer Home Sweet Home
Tony Whitfield

From Jan 15 to Jan 22 New York based artist, Tony Whitfield will be in residence for Instinct at the Village. He will be developing a project which will result in an exhibition at the Village, entitled QUEER HOME MEDITATION in August 2017. That exhibition expounds upon his recent work that explores the concept of “home” for queer people.

Beginning with his own experience of growing up attracted to boys in a variety of social, racial and economic environments in Philadelphia, and then establishing a “home” that was at the same time, his body, the world, and the “place” he made secure, Whitfield frequently returns to this idea as a creative source.

In July, he began this exploration of The Village as “home” in the context of the Stretch Festival, with a series of portraits of men who were engaged in a workshop that sought a kind of safety and freedom that many find essential in a home.

On Thursday, January 19, Whitfield invites you to join him to formulate THE VILLAGE QUEER HOME MANIFESTO through a structured discussion about what men, in the evolving Village community, understand as the essence of home based on their experience, their current realities and their desires.

Januar 2017
Skin Deep: +60
Rafael Medina

The “Skin Deep: +60” project was raised during the Instinct Berlin ´s art residency program. The photographer Rafael Medina portrayed nine gay men above the age of 60 living in Berlin. The series of 35mm pictures, artvideo and soundscape* are a visual research on their sexuality and their relationship to the gay community.

The society in general - and LGBT community in particular - portrays ageing in a stereotypical way, often denying older men, their sexuality and rendering them invisible. Therefore, Rafael Medina has chosen men who could challenge the prejudice against ageing in order to give a new perspective on the subject. These men are somehow creating new possibilities of living and reinventing the concept of getting old.

The acknowledgment of sex and love relationships takes a main role in this context. Desire, pleasure, passion and the strengths that comes from a sexual pulse and creative force are fundamental when we think of an alternative way of life for the “new” old men.

Rafael Medina is a Brazilian photographer based in Berlin. His works discusses sexuality, gender and body acceptance issues, giving visibility to queer and dissident bodies.

Curated by Eric Le Rouge

Instinct.Berlin is an experimental art project bringing together a network of artists to question masculinities, gender roles and societal expectations through aesthetic experimentation, dialogue and the creation of community.

Instinct.Berlin consists of a bi-annual art exhibition and a residency program which feeds into an ongoing Artist Network linking the queer community, artists and art professionals internationally.

Freitag, 24. November/ 18 Uhr

Artvideo - Short Doc Skin Deep:
Sonntag 3. Dezember/ 16h Uhr bis 18h Uhr

Closing - Village Salon (Künstlergespräche + Artvideo):
Dienstag,12. Dezember/ 20h Uhr bis 22h Uhr

*The soundscapes are a colaborations with Radpix EMusic


Salon:So, on the finissage of my exhibition (next Tuesday at 8pm), we will have a talk to reflect on "the situation of older gay men today". And I have the pleasure to have the photographer Rüdiger Trautsch along with me to share his experience on the subject. The event is part of the Salon at Village Berlin. It is an invitation to exchange experiences and learn from one another, so everybody is invited to share their ideas about the subject.
Rüdiger Trautsch documented the gay rights movement and queer subculture, since the early 1970s. He also followed and documented in 1980´s the everyday life of an older gay man who lived in St. Georg, the gay district of Hamburg.

March 2018
Fuck Raw - towards a better future
Harlen Münso

Fuck Raw towards a better future is the provoking title of the work that American Artist Harlen Munsö is developing during his residency at the Village Berlin. Munsö’s works combine drawings with installations and video, the ‘Fuck Raw’ will recycle elements from the history of HIV prevention, scientific research and activism.
During the salon, we have the possibility to meet with artist Munsö, ask questions and look at the work-in-progress.In an open talk with a PREP activist and Munsö, visitors can discuss the wider topic of HIV prevention and the implication of new treatments possibilities. Let’s take a chance to lay down facts and dissolve any myths which tend to develop about this topic.

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