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Carlos Enfedaque

Carlos Enfedaque (he|him) is a Berlin-based painter from Zaragoza, Spain.
He was born in 1994 and studied Fine Arts at the University of Zaragoza, the
ARCA-EUAC University of Arts in Coimbra/Portugal and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia San Carles in Valencia, where he graduated in 2016. 

After finishing his Masters program in 2018 he moved to Berlin where he’s been based ever since. 

His work has been exhibited at such venues as SETAREH Berlin, Galería Nueva in Madrid or “Las Naves” Centro de Creación Contemporánea in Valencia.


Carlos‘ main medium is oil on linen. His paintings consist mostly of human figures and portraits, his interest lies in the ambiguity of identity, playfully questioning the perception of the viewer. He believes in painting as an impulsive and intuitive act in order to create a fresh and direct expression. 

“Having been our only protection against HIV for so many decades, latex is a material that obviously has reshaped our (sexual) life in many ways. Creating safety as well as distance, it protects us as it numbs us, allows us to hide behind it and take on new identities.”


Rubber 1
oil on linen, Berlin, 2023


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