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Anti Gonna is a way to deal with trauma, and a ritual to keep the existential dread at bay, rendering it fictional. 


Under an alias Anti Gonna I’m exploring dimensions of sexual fears, perversions and taboos - things that are repressed by the public opinion as deviant traits. My work is autobiographical, but my imagery is strictly metaphorical and used as means of expression. I think taboos are keeping our minds trapped, therefore they require illumination and not omission, which should allow us to medicate or at least understand the repressed “I” a bit better.



What desire means to me:
"Desire for me means a way to emotional release and catharsis, an intense desire to give shape to my thoughts, emotions and ideas that are expressed in any form, especially in art and sex.

It's a desire to heal, to understand, to challenge emotions, so I think that's what can lead to progress and new works of art. But the main point for me is just to be understood and to get visual pleasure."

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Fountain of wet Desires

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