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Annique Delphine

Annique Delphine is a multidisciplinary artist exploring feminism, sexuality, female identity and the associated meaning of (female) self-image in social media. Her works provoke and question social norms and traditional symbols of femininity in photography, painting, film and installation.

The central element in her work is, among other things, small, round silicone breasts, which appear again and again in her photographic works or become installations such as the “Boobchair”. They seem to confront society directly with their rigid concept of femininity and the constant eroticization of female bodies - including on social media.

"Reclaim the Feminine" is the motto that accompanies her in her works.


Annique Delphine has also dealt with these themes of constant objectification, sexualization and evaluation of bodies read by women in several short films. With her short film "Objectify Me" she was already in the official selection of the "Blow Up- International Arthouse Film Fest" and the "Miami Short Film Festival" 2017. Her film "PLETHORA" won in 2016 at the Verona International Film Festival and the Toronto Arthouse Film Festival in the Best Experimental Film category.


What desire means to me:
"Desire for me is like a signpost.  What I desire usually is what shows me the way to a better Me. Through satisfying my desires I either grow into a new version of Me , or I am forced to take a hard look at an outdated version of Myself. One that I wish to change."



Self portrait with round silicone breasts

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