instinct #11




The 11th edition of Instinct, titled UNZUCHT_Against Nature, will happen on September 8,
2022 at Village Berlin. 

UNZUCHT is the combination of the syllable Un, which could be translated to not or against,
and Zucht, which would be defined as the act of breeding animals or cultivating plants. Within the term, linguistically is a larger statement of a socially-constructed natural order. it, by some means, embodies the notion of objects being in order, in rows. Zucht has a connotation of order, to pull something straight into lines. Contrary to Zucht, which is about forcing discipline and order on nature to achieve the desired results, Unzucht defines an erratic growth. Even though, in today's language, Zucht is also being used in a friendly, almost caring context (Das ist meine Pilzzucht). Unzucht has been defined as sexual behaviour against the religious or cultural norms, mainly in between men and/or man and animals. Historically, Unzucht was used as a derogatory term that places judgment on human sexual behaviors considered immoral or perverse to the heteronormative social norms. Widernatürliche Unzucht was a legal term to describe the sexual act between men as a crime against the law. Unzucht is a badge of honor, a rejection of classical heteronormative values. It is an act of independence towards expressing our mind, body, and sexuality. This term has a long history of being used against us to demean, degrade or even remove us from participating in society - and now we will use it to heal.

Co-curated by Slava Mogutin
together with the Instinct Curatorial Team

8 to 18 September 2022 at