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instinct #16

LA PART MAUDITE _ the accursed share
Queer Perspectives on Excess and Expenditure



Group exhibition

Curated by Eric LeRouge

Berlin –  September 12th - 22st 2024

Opening September 12th - 18:00
Open Friday Saturday Sunday – 14:00 to 18:00

"The Accursed Share" ("La Part maudite"), published in 1949-54 by French philosopher Georges Bataille, explores the economic and sociological implications of excess and expenditure. It outlines Bataille's theory of a "general economy", which considers the totality of energy flows as opposed to the "restricted economy", focused on production, utility and accumulation.


The general economy posits that surplus energy, the "accursed share", cannot be reinvested productively without leading to over-accumulation and crisis. It must therefore be expended to maintain balance, leading to practices of excess such as festivals, lavish displays and other forms of non-productive expenditure, as well as sacrifices and wars.

This exhibition, hosted by, explores "La Part maudite" through the lens of queer identities and experiences, examining how themes of eroticism, excess, waste, rituals and power intersect with queer life and culture. The exhibition includes visual art, performances, talks and readings


The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy (French: La Part maudite) is a 1949 book about political economy by the French intellectual Georges Bataille, in which the author presents a new economic theory which he calls "general economy".

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