Homografía/Homography (H.H.) is a queer video & performance festival focused on sexuality beyond the norm. It's a programme of highly suggestive films, artworks, installations, and performances that evoke the relationship between body, sexuality, gender identity and artistic expression. Inspired by the queer movement, the event aims to address the themes with particular attention paid to the questions raised by the struggles, whether they are social, cultural, feminist or anti-racist. Organised entirely thanks to the commitment of its team of volunteers, the last edition of Homografía consisted of a workshop, two discussion panels, video screenings and performances, an exhibition and installations. The keywords that can best describe the values & themes of the festival are: identity, gender, body, sexuality, creation, art and political/activist action, afro/feminism, queer culture, women in the arts, masculinity (non- normative) and its representations, critique/deconstruction/decolonisation of patriarchy, sex work is work.

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It's about our Resistance, Photo on fine art print, 70x80cm, 2020