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Theodor Johansson

Theodor Johansson is a mixed media artist and illustrator. Growing up in the rural parts of northern Sweden, he early encountered the wild nature and traditional crafts from the region that stained his future creative path.
Without any formal training in the field, Johansson works mainly with textiles. Naïve expressions and frequent use of colors runs through his work signatured by playful creatures, banners and patchworks. Interested in male sexuality and identity,

Johansson uses the handmade object to investigate the social behavior of the adult man and the often humorous links to the kid he never really detach from. 

For instinct #5 Johansson have created a number of objects for decorating a nihilistic teens room. Inspired by the iconic room of the early 1960’s American teenage boy, he has created room decorations for the misfit.

The weirdo that doesn’t fit in. Things to put on the wall to encourage him to feel good and to help him accept he is never gonna be like the others and to be happy with that. 


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