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Perea Diaz


Samuel Perea-Díaz (born 1988) is a Spanish architect, curator, and artist. Samuel has lived in Berlin since 2011. His practice incorporates exhibition scenography, curating, and sound.

Samuel’s artwork blends and moves between sonic activism, architecture, and virtual sonic landscapes, creating installations and sound-focused objects which engage with sonification, relocation of sound, field recording, and virtual reality. His creative practice intertwines artistic and academic research, which focuses on mapping sonic environments and queer practices. He has taught different seminars at Humboldt University about Urban Culture, Sound Studies and Curating.

His curatorial research includes exhibitions such as ‘Listening to Listening’ at 48 Hours Neukölln (2021) and ‘Ocaña. Der Engel, der in der Qual singt‘ at the Schwules Museum in Berlin (2022).

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