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Short Bio//

Russell has predominantly worked as a commercial prop and costume maker, producing work for music videos, magazine editorial, opera and museums alike. Instinct marks Russells initiation into showing his personal work within the art world context.


On my own art//

I would be lying if i said there are concepts or themes that run through my work, i don’t really think about it in those terms. I think I’m an object maker, perhaps driven by a bit of an imagination and those emotive life stimuli. I would like to think that i make striking objects that interest the viewer for long enough that they make their own narratives about them.


Art in 2016//
sells because of the people that make it and sell it and talk about it, not because of the work itself.


Art in future//
is green with pink spots.


The artwork i am showing//

Title - all i owe to Eustace

Date - 2016

Materials - Pearls and gold-leafed glass beads on piss-stained jockstraps.

Sales price - 900 €

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