Camille  Moravia

Camille Moravia is a French artist, born on December 8, 1970, in Angers. She attended the local conservatoire from an early age, spending over 15 years studying the piano and training her voice. Unfortunately, one of her vocal cords was paralyzed just before her 21st birthday and after that, her voice remained softer.


From 1997 to 1999, she attended Brest Business School working towards a bachelor's degree. In that school she was able to measure the consequences of the Big Company Syndrome on start-ups spirit, as well as the Profit motive in capitalism.


Meanwhile, she started gaining experience in the field by developing a lucrative activity that involved businessmen intimate letters hacking. This was a slippery ground, and her life was threatened on July 15, 1999, when she got inoculated with the “lock virus” or “CCN” (Chronic Contagious Nymphomania), while reading a fake love-letter. To remedy that, she fell in love and locked herself in a Parisian apartment for 10 years, writing her feelings on the walls of the living room. 


When she finally got out, she became a social media personality famous by spreading her ideas through poems and wordplay, mostly about sex in long-term relationships: 

“- How far will you go for love?

 - In the suburbs."

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