Abel Burger

Abel Burger is a French painter born in 1982. She has participated in the Paris underground scene by writing and reading her texts on the question of gender and identity. She does not attend any art school. Self-taught, without ignoring its forms and rhetoric, she keeps her distance from the world of contemporary art and focuses on her work in a visual space. Abel works on free canvas or on paper, asserting a very personal expression that makes painting and writing coexist.

Escaping from any categorization, it digs the intimate and the opaque space of the unsaid, axes which articulate her work. It tells the life of others. Abel comes and goes around the world, asking questions of gender, masculinity, identity, questioning the brutality and violence of a changing world. She shows elementary principles of her survival: tracking down, evicting, killing ghosts who wander their painful silhouettes but also preserving some tamed demons, seized in the beauty of lived moments.


For "Archipel", the next step in her Berlin projects, she wants to show radically the opacity behind the illusory transparency of the void. The act of painting and writing thus takes on its subversive charge, it becomes critical, it dismantles little by little and allows reinvestment in history. The subject of intimacy here takes a more personal measure.


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Jouir de la Nuit, mixed media on canvas, 100cmx100cm, 2019